Launch a GenAI
Startup with team suppport

Over a few months, you will work with us to build and launch the MVP of an already marketed product.

We have perfected a formula to start companies and launch successful MVPs in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

You receive hands-on support, mentorship, a tech team & CTO, and become part of a postive and cohesive team of good humans!

What we stand for

Positive AI

We believe in making AI a tool for a better human life. We want to help people succeed, have a more meaningful job and happier life. We do not support project without positive human impact.

Happy CEOs

Entrepreneurship is a long term game, and long term misery is not an option for us. We want to give CEOs a team to rely on, hands-on support and a method to avoid wasting time and efforts.

Succeeding together

You can work fully remotely, with flexible hours & no rigid hierarch. You receive support from the team and community: investment, marketing, monetization, product design, developpement... The only limit is the sky.

Zero blockers

We are a community of people that want to find meaning in their work, and in their interaction with colleagues and team members. We help each other, support each other and we share success together.


Companies created by founders
Currently ready to invest in launches



Where are we going?

Step 1 - Independence

Launch projects with a fast Go to market in order to start generating revenues and increase our team size

Step 2 - Recognition

Use independence to focus on more ambitious and complex projects we are passionate about

Step 3 - Change the world

Use recognition to scale our way to work into a community that can change the world by creating #1 products in their category